The growth in recent years of tax and financial services products, both regulated and unregulated, offers professionals more diversity in their client offering. Making informed decisions about which products should be brought to clients' attention can be difficult. Many intemediaries rely on product due dilligence performed by a third party which can sometimes be influenced by external factors.


The approach taken by Genesis is to only work with providers that can meet the exacting standards of our rigorous provider due dilligence profile. In particular, we enquire into the provider's background, how products are developed and the providers professional advisers. Having admitted a provider to the panel, Genesis will then make a commercial decision on what products will receive a listing.


Products are lsited in the following  categories:-

  • Tax advantged investments

  • IHT mitigatin

  • CGT mitigation

  • Property strategies

  • Unearned income strategies

  • Remuneration tax planning

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